What a chickenshit, Netanyahu’s lies about Iran laid bare for all to see


Netanyahu’s Iran Exaggerations Now Clear for All to See

Wil E. Coyote: Bibi’s presentation of the ticking bomb at the United Nations in 2013

Getty Image
Wil E. Coyote: Bibi’s presentation of the ticking bomb at the United Nations in 2013

Say what you will, the latest intelligence leak to hit the world headlines couldn’t have come at a worse time for Benjamin Netanyahu. Just a week before the Israeli prime minister’s congressional address on the Iranian nuclear threat, a document from his own spy agency turns up and shows that his dark warnings about Iran don’t always match the facts known to Israeli intelligence.

The document in question is a 2012 memo from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, updating its South African counterpart on the status of Iran’s nuclear project. It’s one of several hundred classified South African intelligence documents leaked to Al Jazeera and reported February 23 in Al Jazeera and the Guardian of London.

What put the Mossad memo in the headlines is…

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Γαλλικό δικαστήριο κρίνει ότι ο αριστερός Λιβανέζος Αμπντάλα θα πρέπει να παραμείνει στη φυλακή

Σύλλογος Ιντιφάντα


Γαλλικό δικαστήριο απέρριψε την Πέμπτη για ένατη φορά αίτημα αποφυλάκισης του Λιβανέζου φιλο-παλαιστίνιου αριστερού Ζορζ Ιμπραχίμ Αμπντάλα, που βρίσκεται φυλακισμένος στη Γαλλία επί 30 χρόνια για το φόνο ενός ισραηλινού και ενός αμερικανού διπλωμάτη στο Παρίσι το 1982.

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Turkey, US to begin training more Syria «terrorists» today


Turkey, US to begin training Syria «terrorists» Sunday

Agence France Presse ANKARA: The United States and Turkey will begin training and equipping thousands of «moderate Syrian rebel forces» on Sunday as part of a deal the two NATO allies signed last week, an official said. «I can say that the train-and-equip [program] will begin as of March 1,» Tanju Bilgic, spokesman for the Turkish foreign ministry, was quoted as saying by the state-run Anatolia news agency. After several months of negotiations, Ankara and Washington signed an agreement on February 19 to train and arm Syria’s anti-regime fighters. Turkey, an outspoken critic of Syrian President Bashar Assad, hopes rebel factions to be trained will battle the regime in Damascus as well as insurgents from ISIS who have seized large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria right up to the Turkish border.

The U.S. government hopes the first trained rebel forces…

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Paul Craig Roberts: The CIA May Have Just Assassinated Boris Nemtsov In Moscow To Blame Putin


EDITOR’S CHOICE | 28.02.2015 | 23:37

On the heels of the news out of Moscow that Boris Nemtsov was gunned down, today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts spoke with King World News about the CIA and the murder of Nemtsov.  This is a fascinating trip down the rabbit hole with the former U.S. Treasury official as he is warning that the CIA may be out of control.

Paul Craig Roberts just told KWN:  “There are numerous historians and memoirs that have documented that the CIA has used academic professors and journalists to support the CIA’s agenda.  The CIA for many, many decades has been manipulating the American people.

KWN Roberts 2:28:2015

CIA Out Of Control

All I can tell you is that the CIA is powerful and has never had its wings clipped.  If the Church Committee Hearings (pictured above) weren’t able to rein it in, I would suspect it’s literally out of control.

KWN Roberts III 2:28:2015

Look At What They Did To…

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Mass crowd in Yarmouk demanding departure of terrorists


SYRIA 360°


Damascus, SANA

Hundreds of al-Yarmouk camp residents gathered at the entrance of the camp demanding the exit of terrorists to enable the locals to return to their houses.

The participants condemned the crimes committed by terrorists and stressed that terrorists are tools of the U.S. – Zionist hostile schemes in Syria and the region.

Head of the Reconciliation Committee in the camp Sheikh Mohammad al-Omari said the purpose of the gathering is reminding the public opinion of the tragedies of the Palestinians and Syrians who used to live here, adding that the true jihad should be against those who occupied the Arab lands and denied the Palestinians their right to return to their houses.

Head of al-Yarmouk branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party said the gathering stresses that forcing the locals to leave their houses is part of the conspiracy against Syria and the Palestinian cause, adding…

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Ramsey Clark: U.S. training terrorists in Syria is a dangerous practice


ClarkDamascus, (SANA)Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said that the U.S. training of groups of terrorists in Syria is a dangerous practice that aims at escalating fighting.

In an interview given to the Syrian TV on Friday, Clark said that training and arming individuals to take part in violence against another country is unacceptable and isn’t the right way to achieve world peace, adding that arms dealers are part of the problem of violence in the world.

He asserted that arming terrorists goes against U.S. laws, and that the U.S. is fully responsible if the weapons it provides fall into the arms of terrorists.

Clark, who visited Syria as part of a delegation of U.S. activists, said that Syria is going through hard times, and so he was motivated by his love for it to visit it and talk to some sides and see if he can…

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To figure out who is responsible for the death of Nemtsov you have to ask yourself who gained from it. And it ain’t Putin


Nemtsov Murder: Putin Warned About Exactly This Type of “False Flag”          

February 28, 2015 «ICH» – Already in February 2012 (two years ago!) Putin was warning Russians about exactly the kind of false flag which we just saw happening with the murder of Nemtsov.  See for yourself:

One thing needs to be kept in mind concerning the recent Nemtsov murder: he was a politician way past his prime. According to a recent Levada Center poll, most Russians didn’t even know he existed.

Moreover, as can be seen in the poll (link below), opposition leaders like Mironov, Yavlinski, Kudrin, Navalny, Ryzhnkov, Dmitrieva all scored LOWER on name recognition but HIGHER on support. Nemtsov was unpopular even among the opposition; this comes from being a Yeltsin-era politician, and hence(perhaps blamelessly) being associated with images of societal collapse and corruption.

Many even argue that Nemtsov was a «decorative» asset for…

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Κυρίαρχο «κόμμα» στην ΕΕ η διαφθορά


Του Μιχάλη Ψύλου

«Χρήμα για πρόσβαση στην εξουσία».Θα μπορούσε να είναι ο τίτλος μιας ταινίας του Χόλιγουντ με πρωταγωνιστές διεφθαρμένους πολιτικούς οι οποίοι χρηματίζονται από κάποιους μεσάζοντες για να εξυπηρετήσουν επιχειρηματικά συμφέροντας. Η πραγματική ζωή ξεπερνά όμως τον κινηματογράφο ,όπως φαίνεται από την αποκάλυψη ότι δύο εν ενεργεία βρετανοί βουλευτές και πρώην υπουργοί Εξωτερικών, ο Συντηρητικός σερ Μάλκολμ Ρίφκιντ και ο Εργατικος Τζακ Στρο προσφέρθηκαν να χρησιμοποιήσουν, έναντι υψηλότατης αμοιβής, την πολιτική τους επιρροή ,για να βοηθήσουν μια ανύπαρκτη κινεζική επιχείρηση. Στο βίντεο όπου καταγραφηκε η όλη συνομιλία ο σερ Μάλκολμ Ρίφκιντ ξεχνάει ότι αμείβεται με κάπου 100.000 ευρώ ετησίως, ως βουλευτής και δηλώνει ανερυθρίαστα:«Είμαι αυτοαπασχολούμενος. Πρέπει να

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Greek National Pride


Με τέτοιους «φίλους» τι να τους κάνεις τους εχθρούς…

Οι υποστηρικτές, υποτίθεται, της Ελλάδας στις διαπραγματεύσεις με τους δανειστές, το γύρισαν στο καλαματιανό…

Ούτε με τον πρώην Πρωθυπουργό, Αντώνη Σαμαρά να διαπραγματεύονταν!!!

Γιούνκερ, Σουλτς και Ολάντ, πέρασαν στο εχθρικό στρατόπεδο (η συνήθεια που έγινε λατρεία…) και πλέον απειλούν ευθέως τον Αλέξη Τσίπρα και την Ελληνική Κυβέρνηση…

Με τίτλο: «Είναι η τελευταία σας ευκαιρία…» κυκλοφορεί αυτήν την Κυριακή η Realnews, η οποία αποκαλύπτει την προειδοποίηση που απευθύνουν στην Ελλάδα οι Γιούνκερ, Σούλτς και Ολάντ.

Σύμφωνα με το ρεπορτάζ της εφημερίδας: «οι τρεις υποστηρικτές της ελληνικής κυβέρνησης στην τελευταία διαπραγμάτευση διαμηνύουν τώρα στην Αθήνα ότι θα είναι οι πρώτοι που θα της «τραβήξουν την πρίζα» εάν δεν φέρει θετικά αποτελέσματα».

Η Realnews επισημαίνει τον «εκνευρισμό του προέδρου της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής για τις επιθέσεις Ελλήνων υπουργών σε στελέχη της Κομισιόν και σε κυβερνήσεις εταίρων» και σημειώνει ότι ο Ζ.Κ.Γιούνκερ «θα θέσει το ζήτημα…

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