US Armed Islamist Jihadists, Why Wouldn’t It Arm Ukraine Neo-Nazis?


US Armed Islamist Jihadists, Why Wouldn’t It Arm Ukraine Neo-Nazis?

There is an argument to be made for US not to arm Ukraine and its neo-Nazi battalions. But seeing US has facilitated arms supplies to violent Islamist jihadists (Bosnia, Libya, Syria) it’s an argument Washington is not going to heed

This article originally appeared at Lew Rockwell

If the U.S. government is so foolish as to send so-called “lethal aid” to Ukraine, an act that Putin regards as an act of war that calls for countermeasures, what sort of government will the U.S. be supporting? What military escalations will occur? What sort of political situation will the U.S. be entering? What sort of extended warfare against eastern Ukraine will the U.S. be supporting? How many more killed, wounded and displaced will government bombardments of civilian populations produce? What sort of long-term entanglements with Ukraine will result? What sort of financial…

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