Refuting the Silly Words of a Silly Man


sdsillyspokesman State Department Spokesperson Mark Toner says, «The Assad regime frankly is the root of all evil here.»

The State Department comes up with some real gems as spokespeople, don’t they? One almost misses the days of Jen Psaki, who was usually good for a laugh or two. But though Jen has departed, the laughing hasn’t stopped. Now we have Mark Toner and his ludicrous claim, made a few days ago, that “the Assad regime” (the word “regime” carries negative connotations, so of course it always has to be applied to those governments the US wants to topple) is the “root of all evil.” I guess we’re supposed to infer from that that US policy in Syria is the root of all good–although if you go here you can read about the latest batch of US-trained “moderates” who apparently have been killed, captured, or laid down their weapons and deserted.

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