Rhie Azzam, For Lebanon

To Koskino


I’ve been saying I’m going to write about this for weeks,

but the truth is,

I don’t know if I can

I don’t know how to make beautiful devastation.

See I hear «Lebanon»

I see red stripes and a cedar tree.

They tell me that 60 people were killed in a village outside of Beirut,

I see Aunt Ragida

The first female pharmacist in the history of Lebanon

I see a woman who overcame so much,

broke free from tradition,

and followed her dreams,

I see myself in the mirror at three years old,

she’s in front of me,

wiping her make up off of my face,

laughing, joyous, loving.

They broadcast the score

Israel-29 Lebanon-300

I see Uncle Osmat,

the one I’ve spoken with my whole life,

the one I’ve never met because

he was fighting this battle the year I was born.

I hear his voice, «anuphebic, habiti»

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