Saudi “Martyr” Required for One Million Riyals

«μαρτυρες» επι πληρωμη????


Local Editor

Israa al-Fass

Saudi journalist Dawwod al-Shiryan

Whom will the Saudi journalist Dawood al-Shiryan insult this time by saying: «You have deceived our sons.» You escaped punishment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria «but this time you will not escape»? Will the journalist – one of Mohammad Bin Nayef’s men – dare to say to the Saudi emirs: «You are traders of religion and strife»?

The call of the Saudi Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh for enforcing obliged recruitment for young people, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, almost does not fulfill its task to provide fighters for the Saud dynasty’s war, which is seen by many observers as a war intended to resolve the conflicts within the royal family before anything else.

The Kingdom hired preachers and proposed offers and benefits to attract «martyrs» ready to die on behalf of the Saudi princes. In conjunction with the Saudi…

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